See the complete review for the DALI Oberon 3 Bookshelf Speaker and E-9 F Subwoofer

The Oberon 3’s are the largest bookshelf speakers in this series.

DALI Oberon 3 Bookshelf Speaker

The wide dispersion 29mm soft dome tweeter is designed to negate the need to “toe-in” these speakers and gives a wide sweet spot when listening to music. The 7-inch woofer is made from wood fiber and provides a firm foundation for the music. The iron pole piece of the woofer magnet is topped by a patented SMC disk – minimizing the negative effects of the iron by decreasing the mechanical distortions and thus reducing the 3rd order harmonic distortion. The cabinet creates one of the most handsome speaker exteriors I have seen in quite some time. My sample pair came in light oak with a grey tweed speaker grill. The front panel is white and looks great with the grill on or off. I have never reviewed a pair of bookshelf speakers that did not require at least some toe-in, so I am intrigued to hear what these might sound like in my new 17×14 foot media room.

DALI Oberon 3 Bookshelf

The SUB E-9 features a 9” woofer, capable of moving lots of air with power and precision. The cone is made from pure aluminum for maximum stiffness and the exterior finishes are black ash of piano gloss white. The heavy magnet system wields a massive 4-layer, long-stroke voice coil. The compact size of the sub reminds me of the Carver True Subwoofer design from the ’90s. The bass-reflex cube measures roughly 12×11 inches. Rated to operate from 37Hz -200Hz with 250 watts of internal amplification, will it be too small for my large room? I’ll let you know after I run it through my music obstacle course for a few more weeks. Look for my full review soon.

See the complete review for the DALI Oberon 3 Bookshelf Speaker and E-9 F Subwoofer