See the complete review for the Chord Electronics Mojo DAC and Poly Streamer.

The Chord Mojo is one of the most well-regarded portable DACs around right now.

Chord Mojo DAC and Poly Streamer

It can decode just about anything, DSD included. It also uses a custom “DAC” implemented with an FPGA (field-programmable gate array) and custom firmware rather than using a commercial off the shelf DAC chip. This, plus the sound quality, are all pretty amazing for the $399 asking price.

Chord Mojo DAC

But the new thing here is the recently released $749 Poly streamer module designed to work with the Mojo DAC. Normally, you’d use an Apple camera connection kit with an iPhone, or a USB OTG cable with an Android phone to plug directly into the Mojo and play music off your phone the old-fashioned way. The Poly allows much, much more than this. The Poly is a module about ½ the size of the Mojo that plugs in the side. What’s inside is basically a fully functional computer running a DLNA server, an MPD server, a Roon endpoint and a micro SD card slot capable of hosting any size card. It even has WiFi. It can join your network or make its own hotspot for your phone to connect. You can do just about anything. Stream music to it from your own DLNA, Airplay or Roon servers, play music wirelessly to it from your phone with DLNA or Airplay, and use it as a music player to play from the internal SD card either directly using MPD, or serve that music up to other DLNA capable devices on the network. In the upcoming review, I’ll cover the sound quality you get, and what you’ll need to go through to get all these modes to work.

See the complete review for the Chord Electronics Mojo DAC and Poly Streamer.