Black Ice Audio now offers its more powerful F22 integrated tube amplifier with Jim Fosgate’s “Odyssey” circuitry.

Black Ice Audio F22 integrated tube amplifier

If you aren’t familiar with Black Ice products, check out the review here of their F11 amplifier.

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In addition to exceptional imaging, powerful and clean bass, and an utterly quiet background, the F22 offers a significant power increase over the F11’s 18.5 watts per channel. The F22 can run with either EL345 or 6550 output tubes, and even at the recommended output tube bias, the amplifier sounds powerful and dynamic. Some users are willing to sacrifice tube life for even greater dynamics and push the tube bias by an additional 3 to 5 milliwatts. This definitely makes the amplifier more dynamic sounding, but with a minor decrease in service life for the output tubes.

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I think this is an exceptionally good tube amplifier by any measure, and a particularly good value at its price. Watch for the full review to be published soon!