BenQ has a projector for pretty much every conceivable use. If you need a tiny portable display, they’ve got you covered. Even picky home theater enthusiasts can choose from the HT line to satisfy their need for a great picture with accurate color, high contrast and clarity.

BenQ MU686 DLP Projector - Front View

Recently the MU686 business projector showed up at my door. Business you say? Well after unpacking it and watching a few clips, it’s clear that the lines between business and home theater displays have been blurred. This extremely-capable product can pump out 165 foot-Lamberts in its brightest mode while scaling back to a more-watchable 55fL in the good-looking Cinema preset. How good looking? My first round of measurements show that it doesn’t need a calibration to deliver a pretty accurate image with excellent contrast and more than enough output to compete with room lighting or even a window. And if you don’t have a screen, it even includes wall color compensation.

The MU686 shows its business chops with things like wireless HDMI, a VGA port and a laser pointer built into the remote. It’s not strictly a portable model but it is small and light enough to be taken on the road in a medium-sized bag. Stereo speakers are built in so you can simply hook up your phone or tablet to the MHL-compatible HDMI input and stream movies to your heart’s content. And I almost forgot, it only costs $749.

BenQ MU686 DLP Projector - Angle View

I’ll be running my usual battery of tests and spending some quality time with my Blu-ray collection as I review the BenQ MU686. It won’t receive special consideration for being called a “business projector.” When you read the full review in a couple of weeks, you’ll know if it can stand up to home theater use or not. (Hint, it probably can!)

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