Almost on the heels of my outgoing HT6050 sample, BenQ has sent me its HT2150ST Gaming Projector for review.

It shares many traits with that flagship model but comes in at a very attractive price point – $999.

BenQ HT2150ST DLP Projector - Front Angle View

It’s billed as a gaming projector and to that end, BenQ has engineered it to have low input lag. The menu even includes a Fast Mode option that drops latency to a level that will be invisible to all but the most skilled players. Imagine experiencing your favorite role-playing, strategy or shooter titles on a 100-inch screen! Now that’s entertainment.

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Lest you think the HT2150ST is only for gaming, it boasts some serious home theater chops too. In my initial exploration of the menu, I found nearly identical features to the HT6050. There is no THX certification but you still get a full suite of calibration controls including two point grayscale, color management and extremely precise gamma adjustments. Furthermore, the bulb has Normal, Eco and SmartEco modes. The latter adjusts output based on content and acts as a dynamic contrast control. There is no auto-iris here but SmartEco manages to increase contrast by 50-percent and bumps up output as well.

Speaking of light, this projector does quite a lot with its 240-watt bulb. Peak output in the Bright mode is over 80fL which means it can be used in a room with some ambient light. My initial calibration resulted in around 45fL with the lamp in Eco mode. Even this is plenty of power for those installing the unit in a multi-use media room.

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The HT2150ST is bit larger than most portables but it is light enough to pack up and carry. BenQ includes a nice soft case for this very purpose. At less than eight pounds, you can bring it along to gaming parties for a big-screen frag-fest. And you’ll enjoy decent audio from its built-in 10-watt stereo speakers.

BenQ HT2150ST DLP Projector - Front View

This promises to be an interesting review. I’m already amazed at what you get for $999.

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