See the complete review of the BenQ HT1070A 3D DLP Projector

Earlier this year, I reviewed BenQ’s HT1070 and found it delivered tremendous performance for only $699.

Today, I’ve received its successor, the HT1070A 3D DLP Projector, for review. The price is now just $649, light output is up from 2000 lumens to 2200, and it retains everything that made its predecessor a fantastic display that costs less than most 50” flat-panel TVs.

BenQ HT1070A 3D DLP Projector - Front View

Many users want a projector that can be set up on a coffee table and enjoyed without fuss. The HT1070A can do that with easy connectivity, a zoom lens, simple chassis leveling, and automatic keystone correction. You can even enjoy your movie’s audio through a built-in speaker. 3D fans will appreciate its reasonably-bright presentation and crosstalk-free support for all 3D Blu-ray formats.

BenQ HT1070A 3D DLP Projector - Angle View

Color accuracy appears to be just as good as anything I’ve received from BenQ which is no surprise. They haven’t failed to deliver excellent out-of-box quality yet. I’ll be putting the HT1070A through my usual suite of benchmarks and watching a few movies. I enjoy 3D when it’s done right and I believe this projector will make the grade. Watch for my complete review coming soon!

See the complete review of the BenQ HT1070A 3D DLP Projector