I recently received BenQ’s new HT1070 compact DLP projector for review. It’s a single-chip DLP with 3D support, a wireless HDMI option, and a fixed, short-throw lens.

Unpacking the box reveals a semi-portable lightweight chassis that seems like many other inexpensive projectors I’ve worked with. Once I turned it on however, I realized the similarity ended right there. This is an exceptional piece of gear at the astounding street price of only $699.

BenQ HT1070 3D DLP Projector Front View

BenQ is no stranger to accurate color as they sport sRGB coverage in most of their line. The HT1070 takes that to another level. Initial measurements show it to be near perfect in its default state. In fact, I’m wondering if a calibration will yield any gains, the charts look that good.

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Subjectively, the picture looks amazing with bright, saturated color and some of the clearest optics I’ve seen from any projector at any price point. BenQ also shipped me its wireless HDMI kit along with a pair of super-comfortable 3D glasses. I’m looking forward to trying it all out over the next couple of weeks.

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If you’re considering a projector but only have a small budget, stay tuned for this review. Your decision process may be ending soon. The HT1070 is shaping up to be one of the best sub-$1000 displays I’ve ever seen.

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BenQ HT1070 3D DLP Projector Angle View