While most subwoofers we see today are self-powered, there are some cases (be it DIY, a professional, or a multi-room installation) where passive subwoofers are used, and thus external amplification is required.

AudioControl RS1000 Mono Constant Power Subwoofer Amplifier Closeup

Tucked into AudioControl’s product line are two dedicated subwoofer amplifier models, each with several features that are tailored to the application of copious quantities of bass. The RS1000 model featured in this review is the larger of the two models.

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AudioControl RS1000 Mono Constant Power Subwoofer Amplifier

Several years ago, I designed a pair of sealed DIY subwoofers, each built around the Dayton Audio RSS390HF-4 15″ Reference HF Subwoofer Driver. Both enclosures have approximately 4.5 cubic feet of internal volume and I had hired a very talented carpenter friend to build and finish the sub boxes to match the cherry veneer of my Bamberg Series 2 monitor speakers. My goal was to have a 2.2 channel music system in my art studio. At the time I was using a Marchand XM44 external active crossover for bass management and I cycled through a few different external amps for subwoofer power, eventually settling on a pair of Dayton Audio SA1000 external mono subwoofer power amplifiers. Since then, I had sold the Marchand and have been using the excellent Anthem STR Preamplifier for its superior performance, flexibility, and the addition of ARC Room Correction.

AudioControl RS1000 Mono Constant Power Subwoofer Amplifier on speaker

The Dayton amplifiers have performed admirably over the years, but I was curious to see if there was anything similar out there that was more flexible, had balanced inputs, and possibly performed better. While power has been sufficient, the Dayton amps also have all analog filtering and PEQ resources, and let’s just say that their accuracy, predictability, and repeatability are somewhat “variable” to put it nicely. I had remembered reading about AudioControl releasing a pair of dedicated subwoofer amplifiers recently and I also remembered visiting their booth and talking with the reps at the last CEDIA that I had attended. I had been impressed with their technical knowledge and product array at the show, so after a quick email inquiry and a short discussion, I found a pair of RS1000 subwoofer amplifiers waiting for me at my doorstep and ready to be put to task.

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