The newly-redesigned Audio Research VSi75 Integrated Amplifier’s is based on its award-winning predecessor, the VSi60.

Audio Research VSi75 Integrated Amplifier

Though similar to that legendary amplifier, the new chassis has been polished and refined while still embodying the industrial design for which Audio Research products are well-known. The front panel is something you’d find on a full-size component, the perforated cover recalls earlier Audio Research products, and the chassis is sealed with a satin-silver finish. The front panel has a large LCD display which displays pertinent information in a bright readout that is easy to read from across the room.

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The VSi75 integrated amplifier has some nice performance improvements as well. It has been given a new power transformer designed around the KT150 output tube. The wide bandwidth output transformers are the same as those in the remarkable Reference 75, and it also incorporates proprietary coupling caps like those found in the REF75.

Audio Research VSi75 Integrated Amplifier Back Panel

Audio Research’s goal with these improvements are a sound with more weight and authority, silky highs, wide soundstage, and exquisite resolution of details. With 75 watts per channel continuous from 20Hz to 20kHz, the VSi75 should fill a moderately sized room with satisfying musical performance. Stay tuned for my full review of the Audio Research VSi75 integrated amplifier in the next few weeks.

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