Audio-gd is a Chinese audio component manufacturer that produces a variety of core audio gear including DACs, preamps, and power amps.

Audio-gd AS-1 DAC Preview

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They focus on producing high-quality audio products with a minimum of external “bling”. While they do work with distributors in various countries, in North America, sales are managed directly over the internet. This helps keep prices approachable for gear that might otherwise cost much more. Audio-gd has developed quite an online following, particularly for their headphone amps and DACs. I used to own one of their now discontinued Compass 2 model DAC/headphone amps, and I remember it for having a warm and pleasing character to its tone that worked well with a variety of headphones. Reading through their website and product descriptions, it becomes apparent that the gear they produce is voiced to meet a preferred “house” sound.

Audio-gd AS-1 DAC

What got my attention when I read the description of the AS-1 DAC was how Audio-gd purposely tuned it for ultra-low distortion as opposed to their “house” sound and (according to them) how it may appeal to someone more concerned about measurements. The company graciously sent an AS-1 for me to review and I will be putting it through a battery of bench tests along with my listening sessions to see if it meets their claim. Keep an eye out for the full review coming soon to Secrets!

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