Arcam has developed a Class G stereo AV receiver that offers an audiophile the complete connectivity of a home theater receiver along with the sound quality endemic to a premium, two-channel system.

I know the thought of stereo home theater sounds a bit odd, but many people like to watch movies and listen to music with stereo speakers. Why buy an ordinary surround sound home theater receiver and let those unused channels go to waste? Enter the Arcam SR250.

Arcam SR250 Stereo AV Receiver Front View

Offering a level of sound quality superior to competing receivers, this sleek box delivers an impressive and life-like presentation of everything from blockbuster action movies to the latest 4K-UHD concert videos. The SR250 has seven HDMI inputs, three HDMI outputs, Audio Return Channel compatibility, and includes Spotify over its Ethernet connection. The designer DAC is a Cirrus Logic CS42528. The SR250 has a rated output of 90 watts x 2 channels driven from 20Hz-20kHz, at less than 0.02% THD.

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To up the performance ante even more, Arcam has included the very latest room correcting technology from Dirac Live®. Now the user can tune the acoustic performance of the system to any room allowing you to hear your movie or music in the way that’s best-suited for your listening environment.

Arcam SR250 Stereo AV Receiver Rear View

Both the video and audio stages are designed for the latest technology in high-res music and 4K video. HDMI 2.0a with HDCP 2.2, 4K/Ultra HD with HDR, and 3D video are fully supported. The Arcam SR250 down-converts all surround modes into stereo automatically, so all you have to do is relax and enjoy.

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The Arcam SR250 fits the bill if you are a two-channel enthusiast who seeks the connectivity of UHD movies but doesn’t want to compromise sound quality when you decide to listen to music. Look for my review in the next few weeks.

  • culture_drone

    I recently switched from 3.1 to 2.1 [using a much more modest receiver] for my main system and I’m actually quite happy with it. If you’re mostly in the main listening position I think it’s a great option.