Can an audiophile find happiness with a set of bookshelf-sized powered speakers? That’s what I was going to find out auditioning the AirPulse A300 active speakers.

AirPulse A300 Pro Dual Active Audio Home Speaker

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The A300 Pro amplified speakers come from a pro-studio-monitor heritage. They are designed to fill an average living room, even though they are smaller than many of the speakers serious audiophiles listen to.

AirPulse A300 Pro Dual Active Audio Home Speakers with white background

For setting up a stereo system, powered speakers are pretty simple. You plug them in and provide a high-quality source like a streamer or CD player. All switching and volume control is through an included remote. Unlike many amplified speakers, the A300 Pro speakers give you balanced inputs for the best quality signal.

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So how well did the A300 Pro speakers do under some tough testing? Please read my upcoming review for the answers.