Jason Liao, Oppo Digital CTO and VP of Product Development, announced yesterday that the OPPO BDT-101CI Blu-ray Disc Transport provided the professional video playback for many screening rooms and theaters at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival (TFF).

The newly released OPPO BDT-101CI is a Blu-ray Disc Transport designed for custom installations and professional applications. Consumers are very familiar with the features of the highly regarded OPPO BDP-103 and 105, and the new BDT-101C1 incorporates many of these features, while focusing on disc and digital file playback.

OPPO BDT-101CI - Front/Side View

OPPO Digital made 20 BDT-101CI Blu-ray players available to the festival and these were installed in TFF’s screening rooms and theaters. The selection of the OPPO players was based on the strong performance of the OPPO players, historically. With so many films submitted as part of this important festival, it was essential that the players offered accuracy, reliability, flexibility and ease of use.

Mr. Karl Mehrer, Technical Director of Tribeca Film Festival, praised the player’s performance during the festival, “ I’m very excited to have this level of quality and reliability working for us here.”

See the OPPO Press Release