XTZ Room Analyzer – a room measurement package in a box and Stereophile 2009 product of the year is now available for the first time from a US source

XTZ Room Analyzer – a room measurement package in a box and Stereophile 2009 product of the year is now available for the first time from a US source
XTZ Room Analyzer comprises an integrated measurement microphone and computer soundcard that connects easily to a PC or Mac running Windows. The software has been designed from the ground up with the goal of being easy to use.
Until now US customers have only been able to order XTZ Room Analyzer direct from the manufacturer in Sweden, with the high postage prices and delays that this entails. Acoustic Frontiers, a Californian company that provides acoustic design and calibration services for high end audio and home theater has just begun stocking and selling this product.
The launch price is $249 and is available at http://www.acousticfrontiers.com/shop
XTZ Room Analyzer
XTZ’s Room Analyzer in a box
Uses of the product include:
– Understanding the frequency response and decay time of a room
– Finding the best location for speakers in terms of bass response
– Identifying the best subwoofer crossover frequency, slope and phase
Features of the product:
– High resolution 1 or 3-position averaged frequency response for bass frequencies under 250Hz
– 2D and 3D time energy frequency for bass frequencies
– A smoothed full range real time analyzer
– RT-60 reverberation times

Launch competition to give away one free XTZ Room Analyzer

To celebrate the launch Acoustic Frontiers is giving away one free XTZ Room Analyzer to a person selected randomly from those who sign up to the Acoustic Frontiers mailing list at http://www.acousticfrontiers.com/email-signup-form/ before 30 October 2010.

Low cost professional support available from Acoustic Frontiers
Acoustic Frontiers is offering remote acoustic design services for people who need help interpreting the results of XTZ Room Analyzer and developing an acoustical improvement plan. The service includes a review of the room against a set of best practice principles, measurement analysis and recommendations for acoustic treatment at the end of which the customer is presented with a 20 page professional produced Acoustical Diagnosis Report.
The launch price for this service is $399, which includes an hour of phone consultation time. See www.acousticfrontiers.com/diagnose-remote for more details.

Nyal Mellor, President of Acoustic Frontiers says:

whilst software based measurement packages have been around for a while, XTZ Room Analyzer redefines the ease of use factor. Traditionally putting together a measurement system would have entailed purchasing a separate calibrated microphone, soundcard and software package. Now everything is available in one package, and for a cost that is in the ballpark of these self-assembled systems. The room plays a massive factor in the sound quality each of us gets from our systems, and everyone, no matter where they are, should have access to a cost effective room measurement and acoustic design service

About Acoustic Frontiers

Acoustic Frontiers is a specialist acoustic design and calibration company founded in October 2009 by Nyal Mellor. We are based in the San Francisco Bay Area and cater to two channel and home theater enthusiasts alike.

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