The pumpkins are out along with the ‘too early for Christmas’ decorations. Its’ also time for the 13th Annual Rocky Mountain Audio Festival this week in Denver Colorado.

RMAF takes over the Denver Tech Center Marriott. Multiple floors and Ballrooms are filled with demos and displays for the casual audiophile to the extreme enthusiast.

Check back for live coverage and personal observations from Cynthia Johnson-St Denis, Piero Gabucci and Carlo Lo Raso on the goodies the SECRETS Team finds.

See the Rocky Mountain Audio Festival press release


Piero Gabucci

RMAF, to me one of the most significant 2-channel shows and Secrets will be there, look for coverage to begin Friday. RMAF is significant because many of the vendors bring new gear, with well over 100 exhibit rooms. RMAF, which begins Friday October 7th-9th, also features seminars for beginner through advanced topics. From digital material and sources to tried and true vinyl, there is something for everyone, including live music.

I’m looking forward to Classic Album Sunday where, “Albums will be played on a VPI turntable using Channel D’s Seta L phono stage. Speakers will be provided by Joseph Audio, amplification by the Jeff Rowland Design Group and cabling by Cardas Cables. Sessions will be digitally ripped using Channel D’s award winning Pure Vinyl software and available for playback.”

I haven’t even mentioned CANJAM, the enormously successful headphone show as a “show-within-a-show”..


Carlo Lo Raso

Getting ready to make my way to Denver tomorrow for RMAF 2016. It’ll be my second time at the show and I’ll be looking forward to touching base with many of the manufacturers at this, mostly 2-channel, audio Valhalla. Last year I was struck with how much there was in the way of turntables and quality product for the DIY audio enthusiast. The Can-Jam area was also great fun and a really great way to try out so much in the way of headphones and associated gear. This year, I’ll surely check out some of the mainstays like Legacy Audio, NAD, Hi-FiMAN, OPPO and more. I’ll also be keeping my eyes and ears peeled for some of the lesser known product and maybe I’ll run across a few surprises. For me, discovering something unexpected is half the fun at these sorts of events! I hear that Salk Sound is back this year after being absent from the last show. As a happy owner of a pair of their SongTower speakers, I’m looking forward to see what’s new with them this time around. I also understand that Seaton Sound has announced a new modular subwoofer line so I’ll be curious to check that out too. Between Piero, Cynthia and myself, we’ll be sure to capture and relay to you as much information as we possibly can over the next few days. Stay tuned!