Infocomm 2021 was something very different this year.

Infocomm 2021

Much smaller and with little product on display, there was not as much to see as the last few years. However, there were some highlights from brands new and old that had some amazing products to show off. This year, Infocomm was held in Orlando, Florida as it is every other year. Only about a 40-minute drive for my team and I, we always attend to check out the latest products, innovation, tech, and more. Let’s jump right into the most stand-out brands from Infocomm 2021.

Leon Speakers

Infocomm 2021 Leon Speakers

Leon had one of the few well-stocked booths at Infocomm. Their main showcase was a vintage Airstream trailer with some impressive setups inside. Outdoor audio and bookshelf speakers were the focus at this show. This is one of the few brands that brought an excellent array of products and was a real treat to see. If you haven’t seen their media frames yet, definitely check them out.


Infocomm 2021 Samsung

Samsung had a strong focus on commercial solutions this year. A few conference room displays and retail ordering screens were present. But what really impressed me was the large commercial arrays AKA video walls. This one was 120” and it was next to impossible to see the lines in between each display. As a note, the Samsung booth was by appointment only and was a guided tour so unfortunately, they were too busy to allow us to see all they had to offer. What we did see though was impressive.

Ram and Ford

Infocomm 2021 Ram

No matter what you do in the AV industry it often involves a truck or van. GM and Nissan were no-shows this year, but Ford and Ram brought their latest options. While I drive a Ram myself, Ford stole the show with the new electric Transit van and some awesome shelving solutions inside to boot. Ram had a stripped-down model of the Pro master which remained mostly unchanged from previous years. I can’t wait for more electric options to arrive soon.

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Modus VR

Infocomm 2021 Modus

The most impressive display was hands down at the Modus booth. It’s not so much a product as a dealer tool to help the client see the finished product. Modus is a VR platform that allows you to create a client’s room in real-time and design, layout, and multiple options for clients to consider in a full VR environment. I couldn’t get any pricing at the time of writing, but from what I saw this is a valuable tool for dealers and installers alike.

Void Acoustics

Infocomm 2021 Void

Void brought some interesting speaker designs to the show. They were the only booth to catch my team’s eye and we had to stop in as soon as we saw it. I wish we could have gotten a demo to hear the speakers, but we had to settle for just the sights. Void offers a huge selection of speakers to choose from, not just for the home, but also for concerts, bars, and large-scale events. They are a brand I will be keeping an eye on in the near future.

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Final thoughts

As the show took excellent precautions from COVID, attendance was light, and vendors were few. Though there were some high points, it was not what it was in past years. Hopefully, we will see it regain the strength it once had. If I had to pick one booth as my favorite, I would give that to Modus. Modus had an amazing demo and I see the need for a VR solution to help with sales. As for audio, Void and Leon lead the show in products and display. If you got to attend this year, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Infocomm 2021


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