CES 2011 Show Report – Summary

Do check out the CES 2011 Show Coverage Reports by the SECRETS Team: Robert Kozel, Jim Milton, Adrian Wittenberg, Stephen Hornbrook and John Johnson. Robert’s summary of CES 2011 reflects the teams……

“What struck me the most about CES was the sheer magnitude of it all. I have been to Las Vegas many times for conventions in the past, but nothing compared to CES 2011. The enormous international crowds combined with thousands of exhibitors and locations spread throughout the city made it an event I will not soon forget. From the perspective of products, CES is overwhelming with its diversity. There were exhibitors covering home electronics, phones, appliances, automotive, computer hardware, networking, etc. The list was endless and it would be impossible for anyone to take all of it in. The crowd at CES was not just spending time looking at new products. There were countless people with “Buyer” tags on their show badges talking to exhibitors and discussing business. If the crowds were any indication, this should be a good year for the economy. Time will tell if all those conversations ultimately turn into real orders.

From the video perspective, it was all about 3D. The HDTVs were larger, thinner and better looking than ever and they all offered 3D. If you are in the market for a new HDTV, then you have lots of great options to choose from. If you already have an HDTV, then it is probably unlikely that you will run out and discard your investment just for the 3D experience in your living room. Unfortunately, whether we like it or not, the industry is all about 3D right now and the manufacturers and Hollywood are spending countless millions to get our attention and our money. It will ultimately be up to the consumer to decide.

From the audio perspective, I was impressed to see the speaker innovation. Manufacturers like Paradigm, GoldenEar Technology, Atlantic Technology, Martin Logan and PSB Speakers were showing off a wide range of speaker technology and systems that continue to enhance how we listen to music. It was great to see companies like McIntosh and Paradigm introducing more reasonably priced audio products so a younger audience can start appreciating high fidelity. I also enjoyed seeing all the Apple iPod and iPad devices being used in many of the demonstrations as control devices for the audio equipment.

I really enjoyed my first CES and I hope you liked the coverage.”

Just what we needed to Leave Las Vegas!!!

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