Keanu Reeves is a defense attorney trying to clear a teen (Basso) in the brutal stabbing of his father (Belushi). The teen originally confesses to the crime, but as the trial proceeds chilling evidence about his father slowly comes to light. As more evidence comes to light, the whole truth seems darker than ever.

The Whole Truth - Blu-Ray Movie Review

The Whole Truth - Movie Cover
Lionsgate Studios
(2015) 2017, Color, Rated R, 1 hour 31 minutes
DTS-MA 5.1, 1080p, 2.40:1 Aspect Ratio
Starring: Keanu Reeves, Jim Belushi, Rene Zellweger and Gabriel Basso
Directed by: Courtney Hunt



Violence: Yes (sexual assault)
Sex: Partial Nudity
Language: Yes

The Whole Truth - Blu-Ray Movie


This film is a slow “pot boiler” as 90% of the film takes place in the courtroom. My guess at the truth was that the wife did the murder and the good son was willing to take the fall. Instead, the film takes an improbable curve and reveals the killer ala Agatha Christie’s “Who Killed John Ackroyd?”. Somewhat perplexing is the fact that the story takes place in Louisiana, yet none of the characters have a Southern accent. Reeves does a good job, but his acting skills doe not lend to an interesting person. I didn’t buy into him being a lawyer. Belushi plays a remarkably menacing character, similar to John Goodman’s character in Cloverfield 10. It wasn’t until the credits rolled that I realized Rene Zellweger was even in this movie. Wow, has she become unrecognizable! Certain plot points left you with too many questions.

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If the killer had on gloves, how did the watch come off and fall next to the bed? Why did the son put his hand print on the knife to take the fall if he knew the killers ID? Why not jump up in the court room and scream out the killer’s identity? The improbable ending ruined this movie for me. If you like court room drama, you may like this film, but if it is action you seek…there is no truth to be found here.

The Whole Truth - Blu-Ray Review


The movie is well filmed with natural lighting in most of the scenes. Colors and skin tones look quite nice and contrast and sharpness are excellent. The sound is very front heavy which suits the needs of this dialog driven screenplay.

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