No film in history has captured the world’s imagination like Walt Disney’s first full-length animated masterpiece. Join the beautiful and kindhearted princess Snow White as she escapes her jealous stepmother, the queen, and befriends the lovable seven dwarfs — Doc, Sneezy, Grumpy, Happy, Bashful, Sleepy and Dopey. But when she falls under the queen’s wicked spell, only an act of true love can save her. Experience the magical story, memorable characters and unforgettable music of the greatest animated movie of all time!

Snow White - Blu-Ray Movie Review

Snow White - Blu-Ray Movie Review
Disney Studios
2016, Color, Rated PG, 1hour 23 minutes
Dolby Digital 7.1, 1.3:1 Aspect Ratio
Starring the voices of: Adriana Caselotti, Harry Stockwell, Lucille LaVerne, Moroni Olsen, Billy Gilbert
Directed by: David Hand



Violence: No
Sex: No
Language: No

Snow White - Blu-Ray Movie Review


Called ‘Disney’s Folly” at the time, critics said a full length color cartoon feature would cause vision problems for those who watched it in theaters. Of course, they were wrong and this movie literally launched the career of Walt Disney Studios. After so many years, it was a revelation to watch this movie again and the BD transfer is a wonder to behold! The film is absolutely pristine without blemishes and dirt spots marring the print. A few scenes here and there are a bit softly focused, but the movie as a whole looks very detailed and colorful. Hard to imagine the time it took for all of those artists to hand paint each cell. This is stuff we all take for granted with all of the CGI movies our kids watch these days. The story moves right along with just enough humor, thrill and chills to make the kid inside each of us smile again. There are several songs that will stick inside your head long after the movie is over, too. Hi Ho!

Snow White - Blu-Ray Movie Review


The sound has been redone in 7.1 and is as easy on the ears as the picture is on the eyes. Most of the surround effects are ambient noises, but the dialog and songs ring loud and true. The swelling music seems more open and spatial than the original mono soundtrack, without tape hiss or crackles. There is some bass present at times, but your sub will befriend Sleepy.

Snow White - Blu-Ray Movie Review

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