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After an explosion at the Kremlin is blamed on Ethan Hunt and his MI team, they must go “ghost” and find out who set them up. While trying to clear their name, they uncover a terrorist plot to start a nuclear war between the US and Russia. To save the World, they must use every high-tech trick they know because this mission has never been more real, dangerous or impossible.

MI4 Review

MI 4 Cover
Paramount Pictures
2018 (20011), 2160p, Dolby TrueHD 5.1 & Dolby Vision HDR, PG-13, 2 hours and 12 minutes
2.35:1 Aspect Ratio
Starring: Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg, & Ving Rhames
Directed by: Brad Bird & J.J. Abrams



Violence: Yes
Sex: No
Language: Mild

MI4 4K Review


Abrams and Bird team up and give us one of my favorite Missions, yet. The high-tech gadgets are cool, but because the team has to work without the resources of the government, some of the tech is a bit flaky. Sort of like when the Millennium Falcon is about to go into hyper-drive…you can only hope it will work. This also adds a bit of tongue in cheek humor to the intensely serious script. Also, Hunt has to improvise a lot, so he ends up hanging by a hand, off of the world’s tallest building or doing a car chase through a dessert sandstorm. The hanging off the building in Dubai still leaves me with vertigo every time I see it. And yes, Cruise actually did this stunt himself. His sheer physicality makes these MI films fun to watch. The “team” is now set, too. These people will all appear in the next film and from what I have read, they all appear in the new sixth installment coming to a theater near you. Pegg is the tech guru who lends a bit of humor now and then to keep the high tension in check. This film is a wild, entertaining ride worth taking, and perhaps the best in the series.

MI4 4K Movie Review


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This film had a 4K DI and the scenes in Dubai were shot with IMAX. The overall picture quality is top notch with excellent contrast and dynamic color ranges. The safety harnesses Cruise used in the skyscraper scenes were flawlessly, digitally removed, but the man is borderline nuts to hang out there in the first place. Skin tones are spot on and the soundtrack in loud and dynamic. It really gets the adrenaline going during the incredible action scenes. A demo worthy film for your home theater viewing enjoyment. Mission accomplished!

Mission Impossible 4


This is a 3-disc set with the UHD version & these extras on a BD: Mission Accepted: On the set with Cruise, Impossible Missions: Making of a Sandstorm and the Secrets Behind the Gadgets, and some Deleted Scenes.