A CIA team runs a 22-mile gauntlet to bring a valuable CIA asset with vital information to an airfield for extraction before the enemy can close in.

Mile 22
Universal Pictures
2018, 1080p, Rated R, DTS Master Audio 7.1, aspect ratio: 2.39:1
Starring: Mark Wahlberg, John Malkovich
Directed by: Peter Berg



Violence: Yes +
Sex: No
Language: Yes


A film with a great deal of tension and well-staged explosions and car chases. Critics were split on the film when it was released earlier this year, with some finding it brainless while others thought it was exciting.

Mile 22 - Blu-ray Movie Review

I did think the film was attention holding, but it is not deep and doesn’t really have much of a message other than perhaps the CIA does dirty business in trying to preserve freedom.

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The film has a terrifically high EPM (explosions per minute) quotient and a high CCPM (car chases per minute) score, but that’s what fills the seats these days. Director Peter Berg (DeepWater Horizon, Lone Survivor) keeps the adrenaline pumping and it is easy to get caught in the deadlines that have to be met before a nuclear device that threatens the United States can be thwarted.

There is a lot of the expected shaky cam video, plenty of computer screens and drones and a surprise ending that helps make the film a worthwhile hour and 35 minutes.

Mile 22 - Review

Mark Wahlberg shouts throughout the whole movie, he’s always mad at somebody or some circumstance, but he brings the role off with credible realism.

There is a tremendous karate based scene when the CIA asset escapes his captors. It’s bloody but creative and certainly a standout piece of movie making from the stunts to the rapid-fire editing.


Mike 22 looks just fine on Blu-ray, with muted colors in some scenes by design, but the explosions are colorful. Scenes back at the CIA control point with a dark room and computer monitors hold up well with a minimum of noise.

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The DTS Master Audio 7.1 mix is terrific, even though some will miss an ATMOS track. The surrounds are very active and the bass is very deep when it needs to be. Mike 22 really got the audio treatment it deserved.

  • Overwatch: Follow the “Overwatch”, the para-military division in Mile 22, and explore the background and inspiration as to why this type of team was chosen for the film.
  • Introducing Iko: A spotlight on world-renowned action star Iko Uwais and his experience with combat fighting, stunt work and choreographing his own scenes in the film.
  • Iko Fight: Interview with Iko Uwais discussing his intense fight scenes from the practice room to the final shot.
  • Bad Ass Women: A behind-the-scenes look with stars Lauren Cohan and Ronda Rousey along with writer Lea Carpenter, discussing stunts, intellectual smarts and the overall tenacity of the film’s female characters.
  • BTS Stunts: An in-depth take on the creation of the action-packed stunts of Mile 22 with commentary from Director Peter Berg and the film’s stars.
  • Modern Combat: Explore the concept of modern action cinema, where scenes are created and shot in real time with multiple cameras, mesmerizing cinematography and intense action stunts.
  • Colombia: Take a tour of Bogota, Colombia with the cast and filmmakers discussing key filming location points.
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