She is back…and on the most perilous mission yet to retrieve the ancient relic; Pandora’s Box. She must travel from Greece to Hong Kong in order to keep a maniacal scientist (Hinds) from releasing all of the evil inside the artifact and destroy mankind. This time around Lara enlists an ex-lover and dangerous mercenary (Butler), but can she really trust him? Full of blazing shoot-outs and sky diving escapes, the climactic ending takes place in a mountain in Africa with the fate of all mankind in the balance.

Tomb Raider - Cradle of Life

Tomb Raider - Cradle of Life - Movie Cover
Paramount Pictures
(2003) 2018, Color, Rated PG-13, 2160p with Dolby Vision, 5.1 DTS-MA, 2.35:1 Aspect Ratio, 1 hour and 53 minutes
Starring: Angelina Jolie, Gerard Butler, Ciaran Hinds
Directed By: Jan De Bont



Violence: Yes
Sex: Sensuality
Language: Mild


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Lara returns in this adventure that pits her against a mad scientist who wishes to kill off humanity with the evil contained in the legendary Pandora’s Box. Following clues left behind by Alexander the Great, Lara travels the world with a mercenary and ex-lover, of whom she can’t quite trust. This film has a better storyline with better budgeted special effects and stunt work. Still, it is only marginally more entertaining than the first movie and is still designed to impress teenage boys. The release of these two movies in UHD are a precursor to the new Tomb Raider movie that will be out by Spring starring Alicia Vikander. Who thought it a good idea to reboot a video game heroine movie from over 10 years ago?

For fans only.

Tomb Raider - Cradle of Life - Scene Two


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From what I can gather, this movie is upscaled from 2K DI. Again, no Dolby Atmos soundtrack, but I found it to be quite dynamic with lots of surround action. The contrast is much better, but not awesome as newer films have been recently. Details, color and specular highlights are better than the BD counterpart, but there are instances of aliasing and banding. In some darker scenes, skin tones look a bit orange.

Tomb Raider - Cradle of Life - Scene Three


Along with a BD copy, you get: Commentaries, deleted/alternate scenes, a few featurettes, Butler’s screen test and two music videos from Korn and the Davey Brothers.