Our secret service heroes from the first film are now faced with a new challenge when their headquarters throughout England are blown up, leaving on 2 survivors. Fortunately, they are able to hook up with their counterparts in America, The Statesmen, to face a drug kingpin that is holding most of the world hostage. It’s James Bond meets Austin Powers on adrenaline. Can the two organizations work together and save the day before time runs out and millions of people die? The clock is ticking!

Kingsman Review

Twentieth Century Fox
2017, 2160p with HDR10, DTS-MA 7.1 audio, Rated R, 2.39:1 Aspect Ratio
2 hours and 21 minutes
Starring: Colin Firth, Julianne Moore, Taron Egerton, Elton John, and Tatum Channing
Directed by: Matthew Vaughn



Violence: Yes
Sex: Sensuality
Language: Yes


Though I did not find this outing to be as amusing as the first film, I was entertained by it. I was hoping this film would expand on the Kingsmen organization, I was surprised to see almost everyone from the first movie getting blown up in the first 15 minutes into the movie. There are still plenty of action/fight scenes to keep you glued to the screen, and the tongue-in-cheek humor is always present.

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There are appearances from Halle Berry, Jeff Bridges and an over the top hilarious cameo by Sir Elton John. This movie is loud, colorful and full of crazy action which makes it a fairly fun follow-up from the original movie. My recommendation is to purchase the two-film box set and watch them back-to-back on a Saturday night. “Take me home, country road…”


Shot in 2.8K with a 2K DI, the film looks sharp with solid bold primary colors. Details reveal every facial blemish and wrinkle. The 50’s theme in the jungle HQ of the villain shows bold reds and yellows.

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Specular highlights are present in the glinting metal from guns and swords. The sound is loud and al around you, adding to the excitement you see before you. Lots of bass is present for some room shaking moments that will leave you slack-jawed.


Besides a BD copy, you get: Inside The Golden Circle, Black Cab Chaos and Kingsman Archives.