Incredibles 2

In this sequel, Elasta Girl (Helen), is called to lead a campaign to bring Supers back, while Mr. Incredible (Bob) must juggle the day-to-day heroics of home life. However, a new villain, called Screen Slaver, emerges with a brilliant and dangerous plot to have all Supers outlawed for life. With the help of their friend Frozone at their side, are they up to the challenge?

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Incredibles 2 Cover
Disney Studios
2018, 2160p UHD with HDR, Dolby Atmos, Rated PG, Aspect Ratio 2.39:1, 1 hour 58 minutes
Starring the voices of: Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, Samuel L. Jackson & Sarah Vowell
Directed by: Brad Bird



Violence: Cartoonish
Sex: No
Language: No

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Incredibles 2 4k

I enjoyed this sequel as much as the original, perhaps even a tad more. The plot was clever, the jokes and sight gags were both fun and amusing while the villain’s identity was kept a secret until the last third of the movie. New Supers are introduced, and some have the most ludicrous “super powers” you can imagine (reminds me of the movie Mystery Men with Ben Stiller). The other storyline is about baby Jac-Jac and his emerging multiple super powers. His time with auntie Edna is delightful. All of this is served up with a nostalgic 1950’s retro-future vibe that pays homage to the old Superman TV show or Flash Gordon episodes. If I fault the script, it has a few dialog expositions scenes that may have your little ones losing focus, but overall, the film is a smash-boom-bang hit.

Highly recommended for the whole family!

Incredibles 2 4k Movie Review


Pixar animation is almost always perfect, and this movie is no disappointment. Both the picture and sound are demo worthy and are all but guaranteed to keep you and your kids eyes glued to the action on the screen. The colors are bold and often brilliant. The sound is remarkably all encompassing and clear. Be aware that some scenes include flashing lights during the mesmerizing sequences and they can be a potential hazard if you are prone to photosensitivity or seizures.


Incredibles 2 4k Movie Review

Besides a digital copy and BD, there are lots of incredible extras: 10 deleted scenes, Heroes and Villains, Superbaby, Strong Coffee-a lesson on animation with Brad Bird, Super Stuff-design challenges, and 2 mini-movies: Auntie Edna and Bao.