MartinLogan just introduced an all new lineup of the ever popular Dynamo subwoofers.

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These new subwoofers incorporate a ton of new technologies that bring worthwhile improvements to an already excellent platform.

There are two loading schemes for the new subs. The three larger models (1600X, 1100X, and 800X) are sealed box designs and range in driver size from 10” up to 15”. The two smaller models (600X and 400) are ported designs with 10” and 8” drivers, respectively.

Power ranges from 900 watts RMS in the Dynamo 1600X down to 75 watts RMS in the Dynamo 400. More details on the specifications can be found by following this link and then clicking on the Dynamo Series banner near the middle of the page: MartinLogan Powered Subwoofers

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These subs incorporate a lot of significant features. I think the biggest of these is the smart phone control in addition to having Anthem Room Correction (ARC) implementable through your smart phone as well.

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The MartinLogan Sub Control App is used to remotely control volume level, low-pass filter (frequency and order), phase, 20–30Hz level, three preset listening modes, and control of Anthem Room Correction. It can also issue a tone sweep that is used to locate rattles in your listening room.

The other app is the ARC Mobile App. This app uses the mic on your smart phone to calibrate the subwoofer via the highly regarded ARC room correction process. (Note: all Dynamo models include the ARC Mobile App and Bluetooth control except the smallest model, the Dynamo 400.)

These relatively compact subs also feature inverted surrounds and the sealed box models are easily configurable as either forward-firing or down-firing.

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They were running a demo of the largest model, the Dynamo 1600X. The scene they played was from “The Dark Knight”. They had the sub turned up a little higher than I would have set it but it impressed by providing a solid foundation that reached to the lower limit of human hearing. I will be getting one of these to test out in my own system and I will issue a review in the coming months.

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The event was held at Starpower’s North Dallas shop. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Starpower, they are a high end retailer of domestic and commercial appliances, audio, video, and security products. They offer custom installation on top of some amazing products. Please check out their web site by clicking on the below link –


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