Congratulations to the winner of the OPPO BDP-83/NuForce Edition Universal Blu-ray Player, Niko Coromelas.  Niko’s story about his experience building these beautiful speakers was posted in the CAVE and we are featuring here. What a great project and Congratulations Niko!!

Well I don’t know how many of you have tried your hand at making your own speakers but recently I set out on a project for a 3-way system and thought I would share it with everyone. My goal was to build a system that would be pleasing for both listening to Music as well as watching Movies with my projector. In the end, I was looking for a respectable set–namely better than what I could buy at a typical store. I didn’t want it to cost me a fortune or never finish the project, I had that experience once before. Anyone who has gotten into a project knows what I’m talking about. You start, it seems fun with all the neat stuff, so you keep going, finding new things to add, then rebuilding half way through thus repeating the cycle till you never seem to finish. Well…this wasn’t a trap I wanted to fall into! I began this project with a goal. I wanted to finish it; and, if there was room for improvement (which there always is) I would just build another set. As a good friend of mine once said to me, “I wouldn’t let perfection be the enemy of the good.” So if you have the time and want an excellent value for you money, you may want to consider the following as an option for a good speaker system.

Read the whole story in the CAVE.