Secrets Best of 2007 Product Awards

The Secrets Best of 2007 Product Awards, featuring the following categories: Video Processing Technologies, Subwoofers (full size), Subwoofers (compact), DVD Video Players, HD DVD Players, Blu-ray Disc Players, Wireless Music Servers, Surround Sound Processors, Video Processors, DLP Projectors (1080p), Cables (high end), Speakers (bookshelf), Earphones, Speaker Stands, HDMI Cables, Speakers (planar), Shakers, Subwoofers (in-wall), Cables (budget), Video Cameras (high definition), LCD Projectors (1080p), Speakers (floor standing), HDTVs (LCD), HDTVs (Plasma), AV Receivers, Video Servers, Preamplifiers, Subwoofers (mid-size).

Following are the Secrets Best of 2007 Product Awards. Congratulations to all the winners!