It’s that time of the year when SECRETS announces The SECRETS “Best of Awards”. The awards will be announced on December 6. The Editors and the Secrets Team spend several weeks debating and considering, which is challenging, as every year SECRETS has an opportunity to review great products across the many audio and video components and some products are truly outstanding. It is to the outstanding products that we award the SECRETS Best of Award.

In 2016, we added the SECRETS Thumbs-up Award to recognize the products that we found to be excellent and which we, as SECRETS, would recommend to any buyer. So the SECRETS Thumbs-up Award is SECRETS Recommended!
Every year we are asked why we do not award a product in every conceivable audio and video category. Simply, it is our practice to not come up with something just to have an award, so we do not award a product in every possible component category. Our categories change from year-to-year. Also we do not attach a “recommended” stamp as we publish reviews throughout the year, although we have been asked to consider. Our SECRETS “Thumbs-Up Award” now highlights the products that we recommend.

It is important to note that we review and love many products that do not receive awards, just check out the reviews and the opinions of the SECRETS reviewers: we have the pleasure of reviewing many outstanding products.

In 2017 we will award a “Product of the Year”, of course. And we have added two new awards: Speaker of the Year and a very special award, Audio Xtreme

SECRETS has not awarded the Bad Ass Award in 2017. Remember, this award is not given out every year and is reserved only for products that test outrageously well. John Johnson, Editor-in-Chief, initiated the first SECRETS “Bad Ass Award” in 2010. This award is selectively conferred on products that have intense output, ultra-low distortion, substantial build quality and/or extreme engineering. So the “Bad Ass Award” is given to the product that is outstanding and clearly evokes a Bad Ass response from our team….. “you just know it when you see it!”

Check back on December 6, 2017 for the SECRETS Best of 2017 Awards!