Smart hubs are a hot product right now with users who need a way to integrate the growing number of smart devices that seem to appear almost daily.

A smart hub can be an easy way to control everything from a single app. Personally, I prefer to use separate apps to control my home, mostly because I am always adding and deleting things from its web of interconnected devices. But I know many people that would like to have just one app to manage everything, or just to support devices that might not otherwise be controllable remotely. That’s where the Samsung SmartThings Hub v2 comes into play.

Samsung SmartThings Hub V2

Connection Requirements:

Ethernet and power

Communication Protocols:

IP over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee (2.4 GHz) and Z-Wave (900 MHz)

Hardware Specs:

1GHz ARM Cortex-A9, 512MB DDR3 RAM, and 4GB flash storage

Built-in Battery Backup:

Hub v2 now comes with 4 AA batteries, which provide about 10 hours of use after the power goes out.


Hub v2 includes two USB ports.

Weight and Dimensions:

7.68 ounces and 4.2 x 4.9 x 1.3 inches


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Samsung SmartThings Hub v2 Back View

It’s easy to see that the market is saturated with many different smart hubs and it can be very confusing to know which one works best. As of right now, I chose the Samsung SmartThings Hub Gen 2 because it works with the device I want to control remotely (a Schlage deadbolt); has no-cost remote access; and is very affordable at this writing, just $50 on Amazon which is where I purchased mine. I highly suggest that before you buy a Smart Hub, that you check to make sure it is compatible with the devices you want to control.

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Getting into the hands-on, the Samsung SmartThings Hub is a solid choice because it supports a huge number of devices, meaning you can use almost anything that has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, or Z-Wave communication. Setup was easy, but it took a little longer than expected for the hub to finalize its configuration. Adding devices was simple enough, all I had to do was follow the five-step directions provided by Samsung. After that, my front door lock was controllable remotely, from anywhere in the world, while also providing me with important info like battery level, door lock state, and time of last lock/unlock, while also telling me which code was used. It’s an amazing device that can provide incredible peace-of-mind when you’re away from home.

Samsung SmartThings Hub v2 App

In addition, it also lets you set scenes for your home. For example, say in the morning you want your outdoor lights to turn off and music to start playing. With the right devices, this can easily be accomplished for an affordable sum. I’ve dug around a bit with all the SmartThings Hub’s features and am quite impressed with just how much it has to offer. I am also pleased to say I haven’t really found much I don’t like. It’s been very stable, and has never lost its network connection during the month I’ve had it. It’s simple and quick to use, the app is well laid out, and works as it should.

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Overall, Samsung has made a great smart hub that checks off almost every box on the list of what makes a great smart hub. So, if you have devices that you want to control, give the Samsung SmartThings Hub a look. It has a great price, easy to use app, free remote access, and a wide array of compatible devices. It’s a solid choice for anyone wanting to further improve their home!

Samsung SmartThings Hub v2 Front View