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DJ Equipment Setup for the Home

Ever want to have your own DJ Setup? Technology today has really opened up the ability for anyone to have a good DJ set up regardless of budget. You have the option of buying and using vinyl, using turntables, CDJs (as the name suggests is a digital music player designed to play music...

Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast Audio Overview

Earlier this year, Google released a new device called Chromecast Audio. Think Sonos Connect, but smaller and far, far cheaper. I got a chance to try it out recently and while I had them, many people’s first thoughts upon seeing them were...

In-Ceiling Speaker Buyer’s Guide

In-ceiling speakers are becoming a staple of today’s smart-home and are being installed more often than ever. Because of this, it seems like every speaker manufacturer out there is making some sort of in-ceiling product. Many sizes and options are...

30 Days With Sonos

30 Days With Sonos

After personally testing both Sonos and Denon Heos audio systems, I decided that for my house, I could get music everywhere I wanted using just three Sonos PLAY:1s, which is exactly what I did.