These three words sound like they shouldn’t be in the same sentence together – Budget, PTZ (pan/tilt/zoom) and Camera. But they are, and in today’s world, prices on home security cameras have dropped to more approachable levels as demand has increased.

There are so many different types of cameras out there right now using a variety of terms and technologies, that it can be very confusing to pick one! I should know, I work with home security cameras every day and even I get confused once in a while as there are just so many brands and models to choose from, each offering something different. It can be hard to buy into a new system without knowing exactly what you want or need.

Budget PTZ Security Camera

In this blog post I’ll talk about a budget-friendly and feature-packed camera that you can try yourself to see what you like and really need before investing in more expensive system. There has never been a better time to get your feet wet with home security than right now in 2017. So what do I have to show you? Let’s find out!

Foscam R2 PTZ Camera

It’s a small video camera made by Foscam, called the R2. It comes in black or white and it may appear as just an ordinary camera from the looks of it, but it’s actually quite feature-rich and at only $75, represents an outstanding value! What features does it have? Here is a brief list of things you can expect.

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  • IR Night Vision – is the camera’s ability to see in the dark using infrared light. The IR on the Foscam works surprisingly well. It’s rated for 26 feet and I get about 20-30 feet of visible range.
  • Full 1080p Resolution – The image is very clear and at 25 FPS it records great video as well!
  • MicroSD Card slot for local recording – This is hit-or-miss, depending on how you look at it. It gives easy access to the stored video, but that also makes it easy for thieves as well. I suggest getting a network video recorder (NVR) if you can.
  • Wired and/or Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz) interface – Definitely use wired if you have the option, this allows smoother video viewing in real time.
  • Cloud Storage options (extra cost) – If you don’t want an NVR, this could be a good option, although I have not used Foscam’s cloud storage before.
  • Pan, Tilt and Zoom from anywhere! (PTZ) – This is what really makes the camera worth buying. You can actually move the camera with a swipe of your finger on the app. It allows you to cover more view area with just one camera. See something happening to the right? Just pan the camera to bring it in view.
  • Two-Way Audio – Is someone near the camera and needs your help? Why not ask them what’s up, and hear their response as well.

Foscam R2 PTZ Camera Image

All in all, it’s a value packed camera that will allow you to try out many of the features found in more-expensive products for very little money. I value home security very highly, but that doesn’t mean you or I need to spend an arm and a leg on a security system. Could you better secure your home with a few of these cameras? Sure, why not! Are there better options out there? Of course! However, finding what works for you will be different than finding out what works for me in my home. But I hope this helps you discover more about what’s possible what today’s ever advancing technology! Stay safe!

Foscam R2 PTZ Camera Kit