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For those of you who not only listen to music, but play music as well, and if you play virtual instruments such as electronic drums or piano, you probably use your computer’s own audio chipset as the sound output.

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Since you invested quite a bit in the MIDI instrument, computer, and virtual instrument software that plays the sounds, it would be wise to consider upgrading your DAC to one that will have very low distortion, and thus, be more accurate in reproducing your instrument.

We reviewed the AURALiC VEGA DAC some time ago, and it is one of the best DACs we have ever tested.

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All you need to do, in using this DAC, is to connect it to a USB output on your computer, and the USB input on the DAC.

Here is a photo of the AURALiC DAC.


Shown below is a diagram of the layout.

Using a High End DAC

I used this setup with a Roland V piano, and there was a significant improvement compared to just using the audio chipset built into the computer’s motherboard.

The AURALiC VEGA retails for $3,499, but I invested $17,000 in my virtual instrument MIDI sources (Roland Drums and Roland V Piano), and I really wanted to have the best sound quality possible when playing these instruments. The $5 audio chipset on the computer’s motherboard just doesn’t make the grade.