I recently sold my amazing Emotiva Mini-X A-100 Stereo Amplifier, which I’ve owned for the past three years, and replaced it with the new edition Emotiva BasX A-100 Stereo Flex Amplifier.

Emotiva BasX A-100 Stereo Flex Amplifier Front View

These units are very similar, with few changes to mark the release of the new version.

Analog Inputs:

Unbalanced (RCA); one stereo pair

Analog Outputs (loop):

Unbalanced (RCA); one stereo pair

Input Sensitivity (for full output):

600mV (8 ohm load)

Speaker Outputs:

5-way binding posts; one stereo set

Minimum Recommended Load Impedance:

4 ohms (which equals one 4 ohm load or two paralleled 8 ohm loads per channel)

Power Output:
  • 50 watts/channel RMS; 8 ohms; 20Hz-20kHz; <0.05% THD; both channels driven (FTC)
  • 80 watts/channel RMS; continuous into 4 ohms
Headphone Output:

Front panel jack; full sized 1/4”

  • Headphone output is derived from the main speaker outputs via high quality 220 ohm resistors.
  • Optional high-power mode for driving low-efficiency planar headphones
Headphone output power (normal mode):
  • 8 ohms: 60mW/channel
  • 33 ohms: 200mW/channel
  • 47 ohms: 250mW/channel
  • 150 ohms: 430mW/channel
  • 300 ohms: 440mW/channel
  • 600 ohms: 350mW/channel
Headphone output power (direct drive mode):

(requires internal jumper; USE WITH CAUTION)

  • 8 ohms: 50 watts/channel
  • 33 ohms: 12 watts/channel
  • 47 ohms: 8.5 watts/channel
  • 150 ohms: 2.6 watts/channel
  • 300 ohms: 1.3 watts/channel
  • 600 ohms: 0.6 watts/channel
S/N Ratio:

> 110dB (A-weighted; ref full output)

Frequency Response:

20Hz to 20 kHz + 0.08dB @ 1 watt (-1dB @ 80kHz)

Front Panel Controls and Indicators:

Volume; analog potentiometer with machined aluminum knob and illuminated status ring

Rear Panel Controls:

AC Power switch, Line Voltage (protected slide switch), Trigger Switch (mode) (On, Off, Auto)

Trigger and Control:

Trigger Input: 5-12 VDC, auto-sense of audio input signal

Trigger Output:

direct hardware feed through of input trigger signal


The BasX A-100 is protected against all common fault conditions. The status ring will blink amber when a fault is detected.

Power Requirements:

115VAC or 230VAC + 10% @ 50/60Hz (selectable by rear-panel switch)


8.5” wide x 3.125” high x 15” deep (includes feet, binding posts, and volume knob)


11.8lbs; 15lbs (packaged)




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I’ve also noticed that Emotiva can’t make enough of these things. I had to wait a week while they were on backorder and at the time of this writing, there is a 10-day waitlist. So, is the new BasX A-100 a unit worth buying, and if you currently own an older A-100, is it worth the upgrade? Let’s find out!

Emotiva BasX A-100 Stereo Flex Amplifier Angle View

Is it worth buying?

At its price point of $229, this amp is an incredible deal, and no matter what you’re using it for, you won’t be disappointed. The most common application I’ve seen, and what I use mine for, is desktop two-channel audio. My current system consists of a Schiit Modi 2 DAC, Emotiva BasX A-100 and a pair of custom Triad InRoom Silver speakers (in Ferrari red) all brought together with Audioquest interconnects. I do a lot of listening with this setup while I work or game, and am happy to have upgraded my Emotiva amplifier. Audio is very clear and crisp sounding, it definitely sounds like it should cost closer to $1000. I have no complaints about the audio at all.

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Don’t expect to see a hunk of plastic when you open the A-100’s box, this thing is built like a tank and weighs in at nearly 12 pounds. Emotiva does an impressive job keeping the price low while not cheaping out on any part of this unit. I always love seeing five-way binding posts on any amp I own. Let’s not forget, this is a Class A/B amp, not the cheap Class D amp you can find anywhere. It is an excellent value and should be reliable for years to come.

Emotiva BasX A-100 Stereo Flex Amplifier Rear Panel

Is it worth upgrading to from your current A-100?

If you currently own an older A-100 like I did, you may be wondering if it’s worth upgrading. Since little has changed in the hardware department, I feel like the new amp sounds pretty much the same as its predecessor. However, if you like the clean, all-black look, the new BasX will hold your attention. While I do congratulate Emotiva for keeping the price the same, I really wish they would have added some new features to entice new and old buyers alike.

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I would really like to see a remote-control option, which I would gladly pay extra for; more power, and the ability to change the color of the front LED. These options would have inspired me to upgrade sooner rather than later. Or if you just want the latest and coolest from Emotiva, go ahead and pick it up. However, if you are happy with your current A-100, there is not much here to warrant the upgrade.

Emotiva BasX A-100 Stereo Flex Amplifier Headphone Jack

Differences between the two amps
  • Cosmetically the older Mini-X has silver side panels and volume knob, while the newer BasX is all black.
  • The new BasX has a built-in headphone amp.
Similarities between the two amps
  • Size and weight are exactly the same.
  • Amp is still class A/B and provides the same 50 watts-per-channel.
  • Rear panel and connections remain largely the same.
  • Price stays the same!

The BasX A-100 amp isn’t a huge upgrade over its predecessor in the sound department, but it does have a cool and sleek new look that some may find appealing. Pricing stays the same at $229, which is impressive because no aspect of this unit feels cheap in any way. Audio quality is a solid 8 out of 10 with lots of power on tap, but I would have really liked to see some more power with this new version (hey, I can dream, right!). The new headphone jack is neat feature and maybe enough on its own to warrant an upgrade. I would recommend this amp for anyone wanting higher performance two-channel audio at a low price point and a small/medium form factor. It’s a solid unit, at a great price; definitely worth taking a look at!

Emotiva BasX A-100 Stereo Flex Amplifier Angle View