I saw the Bluedio Turbine T3+ Bluetooth Headphones and I wasn’t sure what to expect. With so many affordable options out there it’s tricky to wade through them all to find any gems.

After some research about Bluedio, I discovered they now sell in more than 150 countries and are the owners of more than 30 patents. Not bad for a relatively unheard of company. I have high hopes going into this review. So let’s get to it!

Bluedio Turbine T3+ Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth Version:



up to [email protected]




15 ohms

Frequency response:


Max SPL:




Bluetooth range:

33 feet in open space

Bluetooth music/talk time:

20 hours

Standby time:

1100 hours

Charge time:

about 2 hours


MSRP $79.99, $30 on sale




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First impressions – 9/10

Bluedio Turbine T3+ Bluetooth Headphones Unboxing

Opening the nicely textured black box was a cool treat. It had a magnetic flap that kept it closed and was very easy to open. One thing I really liked were the included color-matched red 3.5mm to 3.5mm and USB cables. Also the soft fabric casing sleeve is rather well made. Overall, quite impressed so far.

Bluedio Turbine T3+ Bluetooth Headphones

Comfort – 7/10

After wearing them for 10 minutes, I found them to be quite comfortable. After 60 minutes, they started to feel a little tight on my ears and noticeably heavy. The tight fit isn’t necessarily a bad thing because during any activities like working out or house-chores are the house they won’t slip off easily.

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Still, I’d like to see more adjustment options. Also, these headphones are a bit on the heavy side for me, weighing in at 13.76 ounces (0.86lbs or 0.39kg). I had a friend come over to wear them and give a second opinion and his first thought was, “wow, they are kinda heavy”. So keep that in mind if you are looking for a lighter option.

Bluedio Turbine T3+ Bluetooth Headphones

Build Quality – 7/10

One of the things Bluedio highlights about these headphones is the build quality. They seem well-built and claim to have a zinc alloy frame, but it still feels like a thick plastic to me. The padding on the ear-pieces and head-band seems generous, at a least ½”, and appears to be of decent quality. The cups are swing freely to fit your head. I found this rather annoying because they constantly banged into themselves, making a cheap metal sound. I was a bit disappointed in the build quality, but as I continue to use them, time will tell how durable they really are.

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Sound – 5/10

This is where these headphones start to show their price. These are marketed as “Extra Bass Headphones” so I did find the bass to be quite nice, actually it was punchy and clean, it came at the expense of the mid-range, which to me, was non-existent. It felt the like treble and bass were the main focus audio wise and not much effort was devoted to a balanced frequency response. Even after a four-hour burn in time, I still felt they were overly focused on the lows, while the highs did seem to improve a bit, but the mids were still flat and dull.

Value for the money and final thoughts – 8/10

Tough to say, I like these headphones and I feel they are a steal at only $30. If you’re just a regular audiophile like me, you will find the audio quality a major drawback though. But if you’re looking for pair of headphones with some noise reduction (not noise cancellation), a built in mic and Bluetooth along with great battery life, the Bluedio Turbine T3+ will fulfill your need!

Overall score – 7.2/10

Bluedio Turbine T3+ Bluetooth Headphones