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Von Schweikert Audio was founded by legendary speaker designer Mr. Albert Von Schweikert. A CALTECH trained speaker designer with a focus in Electrical Engineering he has over four decades in speaker design and is widely regarded in the industry as one of the pre-eminent speaker designers in the world. Companies such as Disney, Steinway, A&M Records, Sheffield Sound Labs, Mobile Fidelity and JVC have all sought Mr. Von Schweikert for his expertise in superior speaker design.

As a kid, he built his first speakers from kits, and modified stock drivers. He studied violin and piano, played electric guitar and worked on Time Delay Spectrometry with the famed Richard Heyser at the California Institute of Technology. While at CALTECH in the 70’s, he delved into computer-based development of speaker design and psycho-acoustics, where he gained new understandings of sound radiation and how this was perceived by the listening audience.

After he left CALTECH University he worked with numerous different audio companies and was responsible for quite a few, and sometimes very spectacular speaker designs. He was in charge of more than one hundred projects, and while many of them don’t display his name, most were very well known companies. As one of the world’s most experienced speaker designers he’s worked with Bose, JBL, ESS / Heil, Eggleston, Apogee, Cerwin Vega, Counterpoint, Jensen, NHT and many others.