Six Acoustic


Ajax, Ontario, Canada



Six Acoustic

What we value here is honesty and integrity in engineering and performance and a simplicity of design to reinforce that ethos. By these means, we hope to achieve our goal which is to provide the audiophile with the tools to realize the most transparent delivery of their music from the source to the speaker.

We could wax sanctimonious here about how much more we value quality sound than any other audio company and how we have found some strange combination of technology and dark magic to seat you right next to the performer; that we will take you to audio Nirvana, for a price. None of this is true, per se. You, the listener, have to be the judge of how close we come to such ideals.

That said, our products are designed to be high end instruments to precisely amplify and deliver the audio signal to your output device free of noise and distortion. We strive to achieve specifications that could be used to describe the parameters of precision laboratory equipment but without being too clinical about it. After all, music shouldn’t be clinical.

We have done this in many ways in the past and there are indeed many methods used to approximate these goals in the market today. However, with Six Acoustic we hope to implement decades of research and development to arrive at a level of fidelity that is simply unmatched at our price points.