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Red Gum


According to Ken Kessler in HIFI NEWS & RECORD REVIEW (Nov 1995, p73), “Redgum: cool name and a cool feature. The company’s amps can be locked with a key which serves as the on switch. Which is one way of keeping kids away from the hi-fi system…….Named after the wood used for the fascia, Redgum offers a solid-state, MOSFET integrated amp with high sensitivity, passive inputs and an output of 60W/ch for AUS$1500. A separate stereo power amp rated at 130W/ch is available for AUS$2000.”

Yes, we have been discovered and quite a while ago. Apart from the typo about the 120W amplifier, the price was right then for the 60Watter and still is, three years later. The 120W REDGUM amplifier has required only a slight price increase in that same time period.

Parents with teenagers have reported to us that when they go away for the weekend, they take the key with them! – not that the kids could fry the electronics. Even shorting the speaker leads cannot damage a REDGUM amplifier. This amp has been built for real life use!

From the point of view of home security, should an amplifier be stolen it will be useless without a key. Just like houses, each REDGUM amplifier has a different key as its on/off switch. A key register is held by the manufacturer to match the warranty registration by the new buyer. A keyless amp will raise suspicions when presented by an unregistered owner.