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The design of a good-sounding amplifier, or any hi-fi product, requires careful attention to many details. If just one key feature is overlooked it could turn a great product into a mediocre one. The designer must always design the product as a whole and not focus too much any one ‘favourite’ area.

Careful and precise engineering can take you 90% of the way to a top design and without it the design will fail. But it is the final 10% which distinguishes the best hi-fi marques. Experience and a deep understanding of the critical aspects of an amplifier’s performance lead to the best circuit topologies and physical layout. Again, looking at the product as a whole is important. An amplifier and its power supply are one – and must be designed as such.

The final subtleties of tonal balance musicality and soundstaging, which distinguish even the best amplifiers, can be influenced by component type and quality. Although the primary specification of all components must be to meet engineering requirements, that still leaves a great deal of choice available to the designer. For instance, Myryad’s use of precision metal film resistors and polypropylene film capacitors – even in its budget products in key locations – is based on many hours of listening. The use of parts such as these make a significant contribution to the open and transparent yet warm and musical sound exhibited by all Myryad’s products.