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Mirage loudspeakers are designed and manufactured by Audio Products International Corp. Founded in 1972, API is the one of the largest loudspeaker manufacturer in North America and one of the most respected speaker manufacturers in the world. Mirage joined API in 1977 and Mirage loudspeakers are now sold in more than fifty countries worldwide.

The 165,000 square foot API facility in Toronto is one of the most advanced in the industry. A 110,000 square foot building includes the offices, listening rooms and a state of the art research and development facility as well as a 55,000 square foot building that is used to warehouse the finished goods.

Mirage products are sold through specialty audio/video retailers who possess the knowledge required to help make the right speaker buying decision. A qualified retailer also provides the after-sale warranty service support that consumers and high performance speakers deserve. These retailers offer valuable customer insight that allows Mirage to stay in tune with the demands of an ever-changing market.