Burson Audio

Burston Audio

BursonAudio was established in 1996 by a small group of audio enthusiasts in Melbourne (a small but music loving city).The sole purpose of the formation was to pool various knowledge and experience to build and develop audio projects for the member’s own enjoyment. Projects included speakers, tube amps, SuperClock, Power Supply, Discrete Opamp module, DAC and many more.

None of the projects were aimed to have any commercial value, they were either too costly or too time consuming to produce on a large scale. Instead they were aimed to achieve perfection. The team believes making a piece of audio equipment is just like crafting a musical instrument; knowledge, patience and absolute passion are the keys to refinement!

It took almost 10 years before we formally introduced our first commercial product in 2005. We were both surprised and grateful by all the instant support and recognition given by the global audiophile community.