Balanced Audio Technology

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Balanced Audio Technology

The people here share your passion for music. The company’s founders, Steve Bednarski and Victor Khomenko, grew up half a world apart, but both were captivated early by the magic of recorded sound. They met as adults, having established successful careers at high-tech leader Hewlett-Packard. As experienced audio enthusiasts, they became increasingly convinced that they could produce components that sounded better than anything commercially available. Balanced Audio Technology was formed to make that conviction a reality.

BAT’s first two products, the VK-5 line stage and the VK-60 power amplifier, were launched at the 1995 Winter Consumer Electronic Show. They generated tremendous excitement among the audiophiles, dealers, and journalists present. Since then we have been gratified by the continued support shown by customers and reviewers worldwide (See, for example, the review by Robert Deutsch in Stereophile, Vol. 18, no. 12, Dec. 1995).

The name Balanced Audio Technology refers to more than just our use of balanced circuits. It reflects our commitment to overall excellence. We bring the same uncompromising standards to every aspect of engineering–from circuit conception to vibration control and parts placement–as well as to visual design, customer service, and dealer support.