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68590 Saint Hippolyte – France

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Our products are the result of a Research and Development process of more than 10 years. Without any preconceived ideas, we have used our experience to push back the limits of today’s technical possibilities.

We are a complementary family team: two brothers engineers supported by their father Gérard who transmitted to them his passion for music and technology.

Cédric is an expert in electronics and signal processing, with a wide experience in the design of precision measuring equipment for electrical networks.

Sébastien has worked on numerous Research and Development projects, notably at Mercedes-Benz, and has specific expertise in the area of tuning and testing.

Our professional experience enabled us to have a fresh look at the challenges of sound reproduction. Convinced that it was possible to go further by leveraging contemporary technologies, we used our expertise to build a first prototype. The feedback we received from world-class audio professionals was such that we decided to create the company B AUDIO in 2016.

B AUDIO is located in east of France, near Strasbourg.

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