Travis Allanson

Classé Sigma SSP, Sigma Amp2 and Sigma Amp5 Review

The Sigma SSP is Classé's newest 7.1 channel surround sound processor. Classé optimized it for two-channel music playback and gave it extensive customization features. Included in this review are the Classé Sigma Amp2 two-channel amplifier and Sigma Amp5 five-channel amplifier. The combination of the Sigma SSP, Amp2 and Amp5 produces exceptional sound quality for both music and movies.

Bryston Model A3 Floor-standing Speakers Review

The Model A3 is the smallest floor-standing speaker in the new A series from Bryston. It is well suited for a two-channel system that requires a compact floor-standing speaker. It is capable on its own of full range music playback without a subwoofer. The Model A3's sound is neutral and it can be driven to high SPLs without sounding strained. The Model A3 is detailed and accurate. Its sound quality will satisfy regardless of listening preferences.

Q&A – Flash Drive Music: What Source Component Options?

I have an analog tube preamp with no digital in's or outs. My sources are an Oppo BDP-83 and a Marantz changer. My problem is that I have a lot of music on flash drives and use my Oppo's usb to play them. The Oppo does not play hi-rez files, only mp3's. What are my options as far as a source component that will give me great sound from rca connections and handles flash drives.
- Steve S
Southfield, MI