Jim Milton

Marantz SR 5009 Receiver Review

Marantz has produced grin-inducing amps and receivers for many years. Their SR5009 will keep you smiling as it sends stunning sound to your speakers and gorgeous pictures to your TV. Featuring the latest high resolution audio decoders such as Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio, the Marantz SR5009 7.2 Network Home Theater A/V Receiver also includes Dolby Pro Logic IIz decoding so you can connect front height speakers for a dramatically expanded front soundstage.

Speakers with No Box Enclosure

I heard some speakers at a local HiFi show and they were mounted on a single board with no box enclosure, so you could look behind the board and see all of the speakers, wiring, and cross over network. What is supposed to be the desired effect of mounting them this way?

- Steve G
Atlanta, GA

Al Jolson Jazz Singer

Known as the "Father of the Talkies", The Jazz Singer was the first film to match sound and picture. By 1927, some short subjects had already been "talkies," and even a few features had some bits of synchronized music, but The Jazz Singer was the first to put them altogether on the Silver Screen.

Francis Ford Coppola

Just in time for the New Year celebration, I received a copy of a new Blu-ray collection from Lionsgate Studios of some of Coppola's best films. This set contains Apocalypse Now/ Apocalypse Now Redux (1979), The Conversation (1974)...

Legacy Audio Factory Tour

Looks like this is a month of factory tours for us here at SECRETS. I happened to be visiting family in Springfield, IL this week and my son-in-law reminded me that Legacy Audio was located across town.

Paradigm Soundtrack (Soundbar and Subwoofer) Speaker System

There is no question that soundbars are a "hot item" for home theater enthusiasts. The soundbar category grew a whopping 68% over all of 2012, with a monumental surge in Q4 2012 alone. Unit sales for Q4 versus Q3 were up 158%, even better, the category of soundbars with a companion subwoofer increased 126% in 2012 versus the prior year. This according a new report from Quixel Research. I can't think of any major speaker manufacturer that does not offer at least one soundbar in their line up.