Earthquake Sound SWAT 2.4 Wireless Transceiver



The SWAT 2.4 consists of two small units that are labeled Transmitter and Receiver on the bottom. One end has the input or output jack (a standard 1/8" stereo phone jack, like the one on your iPod that connects to your ear buds), a channel button for changing the frequency on which the unit operates, and a USB jack that you can use to power the units if you choose not to use the included 5 volts DC wall warts. The USB connections are only for power, they do not carry an audio signal. There is also a mute button and the status light. On the other end is the on/off power switch, the jack for the wall wart, and the antenna.


Out of the box, the transmitter and receiver are paired, meaning that they are set at the factory to be on the same frequency. However, depending on what other wireless components you have in your house, or maybe even your neighbor's house, you might need to change the channel of operation. Also, occasionally, the transmitter and receiver will simply stop communicating because they lost their pairing. You can easily pair them again or change to a different channel. This is done by pressing and holding the CH button the transmitter and receiver until the status lights start to blink. You then release the buttons, the transmitter light will blink a few more times and then stop blinking and stay illuminated. The status light on the receiver will turn off. This indicates successful pairing of the transmitter and receiver. The transceiver operates on your choice of 20 channels in the 2.4 GHz band.

Here is a short video (*.mp4) demonstrating the procedure.