Accell UltraCat HD HDMI Extender


Setup of the Accell UltraCat HD HDMI Cable Extender

My house has two viewing rooms: a dedicated theater room, serviced by a projector, and the living room, serviced by a flat-panel display. A 100ft CAT6 cable runs between the two rooms. I have a Dish DVR in the living room, whose output I wanted to share between the two rooms. The bi-directional IR capability provided by the UltraCat HD allowed for IR control of the DVR from the second room.

For the majority of the time, the UltraAV HDMI splitter and the UltraCat HD transmitter resided in the living room, with the UltraCat HD receiver residing in the theater room. The UltraAV HDMI splitter routed its input source to both the flat-panel display and the UltraCat HD transmitter. The DVR was the input source for the majority of the time; however, I switched it out for a PS3 for a short period of time to test 1080p24 and 1080p60 transmission, since the DVRís output was limited to 1080i60.

I placed the IR emitter on top of the DVRís IR receiver; the IR transmitter stayed on a table in the theater room. The UltraCat HD receiverís HDMI output was connected to my surround sound processor, which fed its output to my projector; the Ethernet output was connected to a network switch. I needed to change this setup to debug some issues. Changes included connecting the UltraCat HD receiver directly to the projector, moving the UltraCat HD receiver to the living room, and inserting Gefenís HDMI detective into the signal chain; more on this later.

I did not test the RS-232 functionality of the UltraCat HD eender.xt