Audioengine AW1 Wireless Music Transmitter/Receiver


In Use

Setup or lack thereof is another tremendous benefit to the W1; it’s simply plug and play, no software to install. My laptop found it through the USB connector, and immediately transmitted. Blinking blue lights become solid on either end, telling you the transmitter and receiver are talking to each other, and viola, a 2.4 GHz signal is wirelessly transmitting CD quality music at a data rate of 320 Mbps.

Audioengine claims a distance of about 100 feet, and that’s perfect for me, and it allowed me to take my laptop or iPod outside and use it as a controller. Problem solved, the W1 was marvelous and worked with very few glitches. Indoors it was flawless, but outdoors depending on the distance and how many walls were between transmitter and receiver, I got an occasional hiccup as each track began – it sounded like the song started twice. With my laptop on the move I just found a place outdoors that didn’t seem to have that effect.

Sound quality was as claimed, good CD quality. Frankly outdoors it didn’t matter, the dynamic range was excellent and it played any type format of stored music. Indoors, I was more than satisfied as I felt it lost nothing in the transmission. Would I replace my $1,300 Benchmark DAC for the W1? No, but the differnence was not as much as you would imagine.