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CEDIA - 2007

Denver, Colorado - September 5-9, 2007



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Pioneer had a host of new products showcasing their new branding shift towards higher end components. Leading things off is the stunning new flagship receiver, the SC-09TX ($7000). Sporting 10 channels of digital ICE amplifiers and the ability to put out 200Wx7 alone would make this a noteworthy product, but its front panel LCD and wealth of connections make it truly stand out. Pioneer also had their previously announced VSX-91TXH and VSX-94TXH ($1600) receivers on display as well.

Pioneer also had a new Blu-ray player, the BDP-95FD ($1000), which touts itself as the first player to offer bitstream output for all of the advanced audio codecs.

Pioneer was surprisingly showing some nice looking two-channel components as well. These included the X-Z9 complete two-channel audio system ($1799), SX-A9-J stereo receiver and the PD-D6-J SACD player.

Rounding things out was a display of the excellent new Kuro plasmas.

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