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Show Report

CES - 2007

Las Vegas, Nevada, January 8-11, 2007



Page 20 - Sony

Upon entering the main hall for the first time, I was greeted by what would become my favorite booth: Sony. They really brought their A-game in terms of product, layout, accessibility, and friendliness of their representatives.

This display showcased a couple of excellent Sony home theater products. The centerpiece is the 72" Bravia LCD. To the left is the 1080p SXRD projector model VPL-VW50, or "Pearl" as its more commonly referred to. To the right is the beautiful Vaio Media Center PC. More pics of that below.

Notice that the Vaio Media Center PC includes a Blu-ray player, making it a very versatile piece of equipment.

Speaking of Blu-ray, here is Sony's Museum of Blu-ray. Hopefully Blu-ray won't belong in a museum anytime soon.

Location Free TV allows you to place shift your television much like a Slingbox. There is a client for the PSP, as well as dedicated remote viewing devices.

Sony's Playstation 3 area had plenty of traffic. It truly provides a high definition gaming experience. It's a pretty good Blu-ray player as well.

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