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A Guide to Shopping for a New TV

March, 2003

John E. Johnson, Jr.


On Monday, March 3, 2003, I was a guest on "The Screen Savers" (The TechTV Channel) discussing how to shop for a new digital TV. Although a summary is available on the TechTV website, I am also making it available here for the convenience of our readers. Click on the first link below to download a PDF that you can read, print out, and take with you when shopping, as it has some additional photographs and a checklist. Keep in mind that this article generalizes to a certain degree, to keep a very confusing area easy to understand. Please let me know if there are some points that are still confusing, and I will revise the article with clarifications. A streaming video of the TechTV segment can also be viewed by clicking on the second link below. It is a Windows Media Viewer file (*.wmv).

Click HERE to download the PDF on "How to Shop for a New TV".

Click HERE to view the video from the TechTV segment in which I appeared.


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